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VGP Group

 Founded in 2007

The VGP Group of Companies was established by Louie, Raymund and David Puyat, who named it in honor of their late father, Vicente Puyat. Currently, the company is focused on growth and projects in industries such as property sale and development.

I can always better the lot of my brother through a smile, or a word, or even a wish.

Vicente G. Puyat

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VGP Group of Companies

Who We Are

Here at VGP, we're all about the community. We want to create projects aimed at helping small and large communities for both the present and future generations. We want to focus on ventures that will last; creating a positive impact for those around us. 

Our company was built on the idea that good business is not defined simply through profit but through honest hard work and care for the community. We believe that consistent growth, awareness, and concern for improvement will open up important conversations and lead to meaningful change.

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