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Scenic Views and A Vibrant City

Come to Know about Pinewoods

Fondly called the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is well known as a popular cool climate destination for both local and foreign tourists. Although older locals will say the city has changed very much over the past few years, it still holds a nostalgic charm unmatched by any other vacation city, with its relaxed and easy-going vibe. There are still many areas in the city, often unseen by tourists, that are very reminiscent of "old Baguio". There still exist, places with far less cars and crowds, where the scenery lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere for people to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the city. 

However, it also boasts a highly developed community. The amount of people coming in and out of Baguio have led to the rapid growth and development of commercialized areas in the city. It is considered to be a major area of business, commerce, and education in Northern Luzon. It is at the center of culture and commodity for all of the different people in the Cordillera Administrative Region, making it extremely diverse and giving it the unique characteristics of being both an urban hub and a mountainous rural destination. 

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