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Innovative Real Estate and A Proud Local Culture

Come to Know about Batulao

Considering that the area is only a short distance away from the bustling cities of Metro Manila, stepping away and into the rolling countryside of Batangas is very attractive for a great number of people. A stone's throw away from Tagaytay City and in between Nasugbu and Balayan; Batulao, Batangas is an emerging site for many real estate developers and a growing tourist destination for those looking to hike beyond the views of the Taal volcano. It is a beautiful rural area and a soon-to-be summer home destination for many people. There are currently several housing developments being built that will boast some of the most innovative and revolutionary architectural developments for homes in the country. The area presents itself to be the perfect destination for those looking for a quiet time away from the city and cooler climates to relax in. 

This region is also very well known for its local landmark, Mount Batulao, which is a popular attraction for both experienced and beginner hikers. According to locals, it was named was derived from Bato sa Ilaw , meaning illuminated rock.  It is touted as one of the easier climbs in the country; not to say that it does not also pose its own challenges, every hiker still needs to be well prepared; and at the peak one gets a panoramic view of the Taal Lake, Batangas and Cavite provinces, the South China Sea, and the mountains of Pico de Loro and Mt. Maculat.

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