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A Balance of Agriculture and Infrastructure

Come to Know about Silang

Believed to be one of the oldest towns in Cavite, Silang boasts an incredibly rich culture and history of resilience, growth and development. The name Silang is said to come from the old Tagalog word siláng, which means to cross the road between two high landforms and local topography proves that the roads of Silang are indeed in between elevated terrain.

Since the Spanish Colonial Period up until the beginning of their industrial development in the 1980s, agriculture has been a longstanding source of income and industry for the municipality of Silang. Because of the area’s fertile soil and good climate, farming was always considered as a stable and sustainable trade. Today, the municipality prides itself on having a prosperous agricultural sector and also growing commercial and industrial sectors. Investments and projects from companies such as Ayala Land Corporation and Cathay Land Inc., have come in to improve road networks and land development while the local government has implemented programs to improve the area’s economy, education, and health services. Considering its rich natural resources and human potential as well as the care being put into improving the local economy and industry, the future of Silang looks very bright and in a few years it will hopefully be declared a city and recognized as a world class community. 

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