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Growing Tourism and A Prosperous Community

Come to Know about Botolan

The Municipality of Botolan gets its name from the nae of a native banana called  Boto-an, which in Sambal means "seeded banana" because of the abundance of the fruit in the area. It was founded by Spanish Governor-General Juan de Salcedo in 1572. It is known for having a rather large Aeta population, grey sand beaches, a local religious relic, and being home to Mount Pinatubo. 

Botolan's flourishing tourism industry is a result of turning tragedy into triumph. After the massive eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, the people of Zambales, particularly Botolan, were heavily shaken. Many people were displaced, homes and lives were lost, and local trade, industry, and agriculture had been decimated. Despite the difficulty they faced, the community was eventually able to use this event to their advantage, turning the area into one of the most well known trekking sites in the country. Currently, one of the largest streams of income for the town comes from their tourism sector. The areas most affected by the eruption have become the most popular destinations for both foreign and local tourists alike. The area's locals have used this to their advantage, putting up local businesses that support the influx of tourists. People come to experience the nature and the culture that the municipality has to offer. They go to see for themselves how the people and the land have prospered in spite of their history and today, the story of Botolan and the people of Zambales prove to be a testament to the will, strength, and perseverance that people can bring out when faced with adversity. 

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